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2024 Workshop or Group Program Registration

This form is for Workshop or Group Programs only. If you want to apply for one of our private instrumental lessons please use the Private Lesson Registration form. If you are looking to enroll your child in a pre-school music program, please complete the Pre-school Program Registration form. Summer semester registration forms: Summer Private Lesson RegistrationSummer Workshop or Group Program RegistrationSummer Preschool Program Registration.

Application Guidelines

  1. Sharon Music Academy has an open enrollment – you can join our Academy at any time.
  2. Returning students of the Sharon Music Academy should fill out the form for returning students
  3. If there are several group sessions for a particular group program, please don't forget to indicate the chosen session in the  “Comments and Special Requests” field.
Add a student

Please mark all the weeks when student(s) is available to take lessons. If student's teacher is not available during some of these weeks, we often may have a substitute.

Please list all days of the week and times when you are able to take lessons (see guidelines).

Please check all the acceptable lesson formats. You can specify your preference in the "Special Requests, Comments" box below.

Please list the instruments that you have experience with followed by the amount of experience [i.e Violin - 5 years; Piano - 2 years]

Please include a link to a YouTube video of one of you playing your primary instrument to help us determine your skill level.

We will use this email to send a confirmation of your registration entry.