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People take up the guitar for many different reasons. Some aspire to play in a band, some want to write and perform their own songs and some just want to play for themselves. Whatever your goals are we can help you to achieve them. Whether you just want to learn a few chords or write solos like your favorite guitarists, we can tailor lessons to suit your goals. We offer private lessons in acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. Our teaching process builds a foundation, which allows our students to play all musical styles: classical, blues, jazz, rock, and many others. Our lessons are structured to give the student a clear path when studying the guitar. Too many teachers jump between subjects with no real flow from lesson to lesson, ultimately resulting in the student growing frustrated with the lack of progress. Our approach combines mastery of the instrument with a solid music education that helps our students not only learn how to play but also to understand how guitar music is created.

Individual Teaching Method
We offer 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute private guitar and ukulele lessons. 30-minute lessons are recommended for children under the age of 7.
ABRSM and RCM Exam Preparation
We offer preparation for ABRSM and RCM Exams. Preparation for these exams is a great way to get a structured musical education.
Preschool Lessons
If your child is younger than 5 years old and is interested in starting their music education, we recommend these preschool music programs to prepare them for private lessons.
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Individual Teaching Method

The lessons we provide are tailored to the needs of each student, his/her musical interests, and objectives in music. We design practice routines for each student individually, exercising different areas of music (instrument technique, sound, intonation, rhythm, harmony, melody, and form, improvisation, sight-reading, ear training, etc.). All lessons are taught by actively performing artists to make sure you learn from the best. Our instructors have many years of experience teaching children and adults, and they are passionate about passing on their skills to others. And whatever your level – beginner to advanced--our expert instructors can get you playing the way you’ve always wanted to play. And we provide plenty of opportunities for our students to perform - from Hard Rock Cafe to Carnegie Hall and the community park!

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Graphic showing the two types of exams that Sharon Music Academy helps students prepare for - ABRSM and RCM Certificate Program

ABRSM and RCM Exam Preparation

We also offer preparation for ABRSM and RCM Exams. ABRSM and RCM are the world's leading providers of music assessments. Preparation for these exams is a great way to get a structured musical education and ABRSM diplomas and RCM certificates are internationally recognized levels of proficiency in music.

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Preschool Lessons

An early start is the best way to give your child the gift of music. If your child is younger than 5 years old and you'd like to prepare them for private music lessons, we recommend these classes. They'll get a foundation in music as they learn about key concepts such as rhythm, tempo, melody, and much more.

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Students at Sharon Music Academy Taking Preschool Music Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach children?
Yes. However, from experience we find children younger than 7 tend to struggle with the guitar, so we recommend starting your kids off at age 7 and up. We recommend young guitarists to start with an acoustic guitar with nylon strings to make it easier on their fingers or ukulele.
Where I can get a guitar?
Guitars come in different sizes and budgets. For young beginners, we recommend going to a store with a wide selection of guitars and asking a sales consultant to help you choose a guitar of the right size. We recommend Guitar Center, which offers used and new instruments, for most guitar purchases. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can shop online. Our instructors can help you choose the right instrument.
I’ve always dreamed of playing a particular song. Can you help me?
Sure. We will work with you on your favorite songs and styles.

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