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At the Sharon Music Academy, our goal is to help our students discover the power of their voices. You will learn to sing as you have always wanted. We will teach you how to increase your range, enhance your vocal quality, sing without a "break," gain confidence, and learn the vocal techniques that will enable you to sing with a healthy voice. We teach the following essential vocal techniques and skills: Tuning, Breath Support and Control, Extending the Vocal Range, Vocal Control, Vocal Confidence, Posture, Acting the Song, Articulation, and Ear Training. Whatever your singing goals are – whether it be auditioning for the school musical, improving your performance in a church choir, or being an “American Idol” - we can help you achieve them. Our vocal students were selected to be Official Performers of Fanuel Hall and performed at Quincy Market in Boston, were chosen to be members of All-State and District Choirs, and had lead roles in many local and school musicals.


Individual Teaching Method
We offer 45-minute and 60-minute private vocal lessons. We also offer a 60-minute vocal/piano combined program for vocalists who want to develop basic piano accompanying skills.
ABRSM and RCM Exam Preparation
We offer preparation for ABRSM and RCM Exams. Preparation for these exams is a great way to get a structured musical education.
Summer Disney Tunes Vocal Program
For children ages 8-9, we offer a summer "Disney Tunes" ensemble program, which introduces children to the art of singing.
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Individual Teaching Method

We begin with tuning because it is the most important aspect of singing. Once you learn to stay in tune, other aspects like breathing, range, and articulation become much easier. Tuning is the most complex and effort-consuming process and requires special knowledge and techniques, all of which we will teach you. Our teaching process provides a student with a foundation that allows him or her to master any style: classical, musical theatre, jazz, pop, folk, country, R&B, etc.

We offer our students unique performing opportunities - from singing on the stage at Carnegie Hall and Hard Rock Cafe to Providence Bruins halftime performances. Our students successfully auditioned to sing various leading parts in many locally produced musicals. You can find some vocal performances of our students in our Media Archive.

Student at Sharon Music Academy taking the Private Voice Lessons
Graphic showing the two types of exams that Sharon Music Academy helps students prepare for - ABRSM and RCM Certificate Program

ABRSM and RCM Exam Preparation

We also offer preparation for ABRSM and RCM Exams. ABRSM and RCM are the world's leading providers of music assessments. Preparation for these exams is a great way to get a structured musical education and ABRSM diplomas and RCM certificates are internationally recognized levels of proficiency in music.

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Summer Disney Tunes Vocal Program

An early start is the best way to give your child the gift of music. If your child is younger than nine years old and you'd like to prepare them for private vocal lessons, we recommend these classes.

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Students at Sharon Music Academy Taking Preschool Music Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I start voice lessons?
We start working with children at age 7. Prior to age 7, we recommend that young singers find a choir to join or begin learning an instrument such as piano, recorder, or violin to develop their music skills.
Are there any benefits to vocal training?
There are numerous benefits to vocal training: increased energy, improved physical and emotional awareness, greater physical and vocal strength, vocal confidence (both speaking and singing), increased vocal range, clearer articulation, a fully resonant sound, knowledge of music reading, literature, and languages, and experience with a variety of musical styles, etc.
What styles of music do you teach?
Our teaching process provides a student with a foundation, which allows him or her to master any style: classical, musical-theatre, jazz, pop, folk, country, R&B, etc.

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