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Sharon Music Academy is famous for its piano program. Not only because our students have won many local, national, and international music competitions and have been featured in the press and on TV, but because of how much joy piano brings into our students' lives and how well they play at home and at the school concerts and how proud it makes their parents. The better the students become, the more fun and enjoyment they get from music, and they carry a love for the instrument throughout their whole life. Our students play with the orchestra, perform in ensembles and bands, accompany choirs, and direct musicals. The piano lessons they receive at our Academy build a solid foundation, which helps our students explore different music styles -from classical to jazz, blues and rock. For the quality of our piano program, Sharon Music Academy was chosen for the Steinway Educational Partner Program and our Music Director is a Steinway Teacher and 2023 inductee into the Steinway Teacher Hall of Fame.

Steinway Educational Partner
Hall of Fame Inductee
Individual Teaching Method
We offer 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute private piano lessons. 30-minute lessons are appropriate for children under the age of 7. But everyone is different, and we adjust the lesson length accordingly. Our regular piano program provides a tailored approach to music education.
ABRSM and RCM Exam Preparation
We offer preparation for ABRSM and RCM Exams. Preparation for these exams is a great way to get a structured musical education.
Jolly Keys
A comprehensive introduction to piano that gives children between ages 4 and 5 and their parents a taste of what music can bring into their lives and prepares children for private music lessons.
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Individual Teaching Method

The lessons we provide are tailored to the needs of each student, his/her musical interests, and objectives in music. We design practice routines for each student individually, exercising different areas of music (instrument technique, sound, intonation, rhythm, harmony, melody, and form, improvisation, sight-reading, ear training, etc.). Our regular piano program provides a structured approach to music education with an emphasis on mastering a piano. All lessons are taught by actively performing artists to make sure you learn from the best. Our instructors have many years of experience teaching children and adults, and they are passionate about passing on their skills to others. Whatever your goals are we can help you.

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Graphic showing the two types of exams that Sharon Music Academy helps students prepare for - ABRSM and RCM Certificate Program

ABRSM and RCM Exam Preparation

We also offer preparation for ABRSM and RCM Exams. ABRSM and RCM are the world's leading providers of music assessments. Preparation for these exams is a great way to get a structured musical education and ABRSM diplomas and RCM certificates are internationally recognized levels of proficiency in music.

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Jolly Keys

"Jolly Keys" program is created as a comprehensive introduction to piano and gives children between ages 4 and 5 and their parents a taste of what music can bring into their lives and prepares children for private music lessons. Children learn to understand musical "vocabulary", and develop imagination as well as their own relationship with the music. The classes involve singing, elementary note reading, introduction to the basics of the keyboard, music history, and rhythm development. The course also focuses on general coordination and refining motor skills necessary for playing any instrument.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age at which to start piano lessons?
The recommended age to start private piano lessons is five. But every child is unique, and we have students as young as 3.5. You can ask for a 4-lessons trial period to assess your child's readiness for private lessons. However, it is never too late to start learning and enjoying the piano. We have students as mature as 79.
We want to try piano lessons. Do we need to buy a piano right away?
No. In the beginning, you can rent or buy a keyboard. The most important thing to know when renting or purchasing a keyboard is that it must have full-size keys (each key should be the same size as an individual piano key), and it must be touch-sensitive (if you hit the key hard, it makes a loud sound, if you hit it softly, it makes a soft sound). We recommend digital pianos at home to start private lessons. Participants in preschool piano programs may use a keyboard with at least 61 keys (a regular piano has 88 keys). Academy can lend a 61-key keyboard to young beginners. Please also read the “Where to buy your first piano?” section on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Can you recommend piano technicians or piano movers?
Yes, contact us for a list of reputable technicians and piano movers.

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