InstructorSergey Brudniy
TypeOnsite Course
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Private instrument lessons at the Sharon Music Academy include elements of music theory, solfege , sight reading and other music disciplines, but the focus is on the mastery of the instrument and performance. Those elements, however, are just the beginning. For those students who want to enhance their knowledge and music experience, Sharon Music Academy offers several additional courses and programs.

Road to Piano Virtuosity - How to use Hanon

One-hour workshop will teach students how to use Hanon. The subtitle of this indispensable for any pianist book is “Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises”. Becoming a virtuoso pianist in 60 exercises is not a promise – it is a goal. And you can achieve this goal -– we will show you how. Space is limited, so please register early. The workshop will be conducted online.  
When: We have several scheduling options. Please click on the Register button below to see them. Tuition: Free for SMA students, $30 for others.
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Writing Your First Song Workshop

The goal of the two-hour workshop is to get students thinking deeper about a style of music they hear every single day! Whether it’s on the radio, at a concert, or playing a song themselves, this is an art form everyone is familiar with. We will tackle questions about the purpose of songwriting, about how to write for your specific audience, how to become a word-master, and how to choose your favorite instruments to best suit your song. Students will walk away with a 30-second first short song creation with their choice of words, music, and backing instrument. Students will be sent a full realization of their song to listen to and learn to play in a week’s time by the instructor! All instruments are welcome! Space is limited to 5 students. The workshops will be conducted online.
When: Please click on the Register button below to see the scheduling options and sign up. Tuition: $55 per session.
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Music Theory, Harmony and Composition

This course is dedicated to stimulating creativity and deepening understanding and appreciation of music. It is also a part of our Academy’s complete music education curriculum. Knowledge of harmony offers students greater insight into the repertoire they study, thus making their practice time more fun and effective. Compositional games and techniques will stimulate their creative powers and encourage creation of original pieces of music. In short, music is a foreign language that your child is mastering. To be fluent at it, they not only have to be able to read it (play notated pieces) but also speak it (write and understand how music works) - that's the objective of the course. Knowledge of music theory greatly expands the musician's creative and imaginative horizons. The  four lessons session "Essentials of Music Theory"  serves as an introduction to Music Theory and will be conducted online.
When: Please click on the Register button below to see the scheduling options and sign up. Tuition: $85 per session.
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Supervised Practice

To practice at home correctly and to get good results is always a challenge for any student. With the hybrid or online mode of teaching, it is even more important to have the correct and productive practice at home. All the parents and students, who previously participated in the supervised practice program, found it extremely helpful and useful. This program not only teaches the students how to practice correctly and learn the piece faster but often brings another pair of eyes to provide helpful insight. You can sign-up for just one session or all of them – your child will always benefit. Piano supervised practice is coming shortly.
When:  Please click on the Register button below to see the scheduling options and sign up. Tuition:  $20 per practice session.
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Applied Music Theory : The Riff

Have a song inside you and don’t know how to let it out? We can help! In these series of 1.5-hour workshops, students can learn a song structure, how to start a song, elements of a song, song events (modulations, change of tempo, SFX, meter change, etc.), what is a “Perfect Hook” and how it is different from a riff, lyrics tools, how to use a smartphone to record ideas, what is a “songwriting environment” and much more.
When:  Please click on the Register button below to see the scheduling options and sign up. Tuition:  $45 per workshop.
Workshop 1: The Riff

Traditional Indian Music

Sharon Music Academy has always taught music as a way to explore the world and learn about yourself in the process. For those who are interested in traditional Indian music, we offer several programs and workshops in Carnatic Singing and Indian violin playing. These programs will be taught by a member of our faculty Ms. Kavita Shankar. Ms. Shankar combines the deep knowledge of Indian music culture with the top Western music education. Four lessons, small group introductory sessions will give students a hands-on experience with Carnatic singing and Indian violin.
When:  Please click on the Register button below to see the scheduling options and sign up. Tuition:  $90 per session.
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Playing with others in ensemble is both a learnable skill and a lot of fun. Share an exciting new music experience with your friends in a more intimate chamber music setting. Polish your individual skills learnt in private lessons, sight read new music, learn how to listen to others and have a good time doing it. The program consists of 5 rehearsals and a performance. We offer chamber music (duos, trios, and quartets), guitar and jazz ensembles programs.

It is an ongoing program.  Please contact us for more information.


Programs for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling families or organizations looking for a supplemental music program to satisfy homeschooling educational requirements are welcome to call the Sharon Music Academy to discuss courses that could be offered during the school year and in the summer. If you have a group of friends interested in music education for their children Sharon Music Academy can help you setup group music lessons where kids will learn music, social skills and have fun. We offer general Music Appreciation course, Music History course and Music Masterpieces course.