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If you are a resident of Randolf, MA you've probably already heard of the Sharon Music Academy. You've listened to our students piano performance at your friend's home, school concert, public park or on local cable TV station. You've probably also read about our students' achievements and about our Academy in the Randolf Herald, Wicked Local Randolf, Boston Globe or online.


Angelique Scully - 2009 Young Promise Festival Winners

  Sharon Music Academy is famous for its piano program. Not only because our students have won many local, national and international music competitions, have been featured in the press and on TV, but because how much joy piano brings into our students life, how well they play at home and at the school concerts and how proud it makes their parents. The better the students become the more fun and enjoyment they get from music and they carry love for the instrument through their whole life. Our students play with the orchestra, perform in ensembles and bands, accompany choirs and direct musicals. The piano lessons they receive at our Academy build a solid foundation, which helps our students explore different music styles -from classical to jazz, blues and rock. For the quality of our piano program Sharon Music Academy was chosen for Steinway Educational Partner Program .  We offer 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes private piano lessons. 30 minutes lessons are recommended for young children under the age of 8. Our regular piano program provides a structured approach to music education with an emphasis on mastering a piano. In addition, we offer two other piano programs:
  • Competition program. To be admitted to this program a student needs to pass an audition and needs to demonstrate a commitment for practice.
  • ABRSM Exams Preparation. ABRSM is the world's leading provider of music exams and assessments. Preparation for ABRSM exams is a very good way to get a structured piano education and ABRSM diplomas and certificates are internationally recognized levels of proficiency in music.
For children between ages 4 and 5 we offer a piano preparatory group program "Jolly Keys".
Register for piano lessons online or contact us if you have any questions.

Piano Lessons FAQ

Q. What is the recommended age at which to start piano lessons?

A. The recommended age is 5 years. However, it is never too late to start learning and enjoying piano. We have students as young as 4 years old and as mature as 79.

Q. We want to try piano lessons. Do we need to buy a piano right away?

A. No. At the beginning you can rent or buy a keyboard.The most important thing to know when renting or purchasing a keyboard is it that it must have full size keys (each individual key should be the same size as an individual piano key) and it must be touch sensitive (if you hit the key hard it makes a loud sound, if you hit it softly, it makes a soft sound). It is best to get a keyboard with at least 60 keys so that you don’t outgrow it too quickly (a regular piano has 88 keys). Academy can lend a 61-key keyboard to young beginners. Please also read an article “Where to buy your first piano?” on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Q. Can you recommend piano technicians or piano movers?

A. Yes, we have a list of reputable technicians and piano movers.

Our Pianists

Students of the Sharon Music Academy Winners of 2020 Steinway Society Competition

Pianist William Z.

Suggestion Diabolique by S. Prokofiev

8 Stages of Practice Room Grief – Classical Short | From the Top

Angelique Scully - 2014 Winner of the Steinway Competition

Sabrina Zhang - 2009 Young Promise Festival Winners

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