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20090117192250 Yes, it is true – it is never too late to bring a joy of music in your life. Just ask our adult students. According to the 2008 NAMM Global Report on Music 82% of adults who don't play a musical instrument wish they did. However, it’s never too late to take action and start to learn music We have a vibrant community of adult students – from college freshmen to retirees, from busy moms to high-power executives. Some of them took music lessons when they were kids and always regretted stopping. Some of them had never picked up an instrument or sung a single note before joining the Sharon Music Academy. We offer music instruction for adults in all popular instruments as well as voice. We tailor our music lessons to the goals, interests and busy schedules of our adult students. No matter what your dream, we help you make it a reality. We strive to make lessons fun and enjoyable. Sharon Music Academy regularly holds “Music Evenings” for our adult students where they play for and with each other, socialize and share their love of music and favorite food.  If you don't know if you have time for music or are not sure if  you can do it , please watch Episode 10 of the TV show "Musical Moments with Tanya" below where our adult students  talk about all these issues.

Musical Moments with Tanya. Ep. 10. Learning music as an adult.

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How Music Benefits Adults

  • Provides an emotional and creative outlet for a better life balance
  • Lowers stress
  • Enhances creative thinking, self-confidence and expressiveness
  • Helps stay mentally sharp and improve memory
  • Provides opportunity to meet people with similar interests
  • Offers a way to have fun and enjoy music on many different levels


Want to learn more about the benefits of learning an instrument as an adult? Read the article “The Joy of Learning to Play an Instrument Later in Life” in Wall Street Journal ( Apr 24th, 2017).