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If you are a resident of Dover, MA you've probably already heard of the Sharon Music Academy. You've listened to our students drum performance at your friend's home, school concert, public park or on local cable TV station. You've probably also read about our students' achievements and about our Academy in the Dover-Sherborn Press, Boston Globe or online. Or may be you had a chance to listen to our students playing or singing at New England Sports Academy in Westwood where Sharon Music Academy also offers music programs and lessons.

lsdrums50All music starts from rhythm, and rhythm is the drummer's expertise. Drums were the first natural musical instrument made by man and were used for communication, spiritual and social purposes. Still today, drums are the main driving instrument in almost any music ensemble, orchestra or band. Whether you are aiming towards auditioning for a school program or a college, starting a band, or just to playing your favorite songs at home, we can help you get there. We offer private in-your-home drum-set lessons. In our lessons, the students acquire all the necessary tools to feel free in any musical style. It is the student's choice to focus on one or more of his/her favorite styles. We teach everything from rock, pop, jazz and blues to latin, african, marching band music and classical snare. Our students learn musical skills and master the instrument while playing along with songs right from the start. Playing any musical instrument can be challenging, and we make sure that the lessons are fun and productive at the same time. Drumming helps develop your physical and mental coordination, rhythmic skills, memory, and focus, but most of all, it's a blast! During the drum-set lessons we focus on the following:
  • Hand and foot technique
  • Reading Rhythm Notation
  • Rhythmic Ear Training
  • Four-way coordination
  • Developing skills necessary to play in a band
  • Improvisation
And whatever your level – beginner to advanced – our expert instructors can get you playing the way you’ve always wanted to play. And we provide plenty opportunities for our students to perform - from Hard Rock Cafe to Carnegie Hall and community park!
Register for clarinet lessons online or contact us if you have any questions.

Drum Lessons FAQ

Q. Do you teach children?

A. Yes. However, due to the size of the drum-set and the physical demands that come with it, the recommended age for beginners is 10 years old. However, depending on the child’s coordination and physical ability, some children can start at an earlier age.

Q. What do I need to start lessons?

A. Students will need a four-piece drum kit with cymbals and other supplementary equipments for their lessons. Beginners can start with just a practice pad until they are ready to try a full set. We will provide complimentary assistance in helping you with the purchasing process. Please contact us before making your purchase to avoid costly mistakes!
The required equipment list is as followed:

  • Four-piece drum kit (Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Floor-Tom, Tom-Tom with compatible hardware)
  • Hi-Hat cymbals and either a Ride or Crash with compatible hardware
  • Throne
  • Drum Sticks
  • Practice Pad
  • Metronome (could also be a free app on a smartphone)
  • Noise-canceling headphones (optional)

Q. I’ve always dreamed of playing a particular song. Can you help me?

A. Sure. We will work with you on your favorite songs and styles.