Message From Music Director

Welcome from Tanya Schwartzman

I would like to welcome you to the dynamic online home of Sharon Music Academy. We conceived Sharon Music Academy to be a contributing cultural force in the local community. We offer opportunities for students young and old to learn music and have memorable musical experiences while learning. We believe that the key to students' successful music education rests in providing them a 360-degree view of music.  This includes not only music lessons, but performances, playing ensembles and with orchestras, field trips to concerts, workshops, competitions and participations in cultural events.

An Inclusive approach

I’ve been teaching music for more than 30 years and strongly believe that everyone benefits from music education and everyone can and should learn how to love and enjoy music.  There are many proven tangible benefits of music education: improved mental capabilities, memory and coordination. However, there is also a less measurable and much less tangible benefit - music enriches people’s lives, provides joy and sprititual satisfaction and is an emotional and creative outlet.  Albert Einstein was known to say “I see my life in terms of music…I get the most joy in life out of music.”  I strongly believe that everybody can reach a level of proficiency playing an instrument where music becomes a joy, one that is lasting and constant. That’s why we tailor our teaching process towards the goals, abilities and schedules of each individual student. Don't worry about "talent" - most people create their own. Patience, persistence and attention to detail usually take you much farther than someone else's idea of "talent" or "ability".

A final note

Students and parents: don't hesitate to talk to me about any concerns, problems or questions about your or your child's music education. I've been teaching music for so long that I feel confident in my ability to resolve most apprehensions. Learning can be tough, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Don't travel this road alone; I am here to help.

You can always reach me by email or an online form, or call for an appointment.

Meet the Music Director

Music Director Tanya Schwartzman

Tanya Schwartzman is the Music Director of the Sharon Music Academy, which she has founded in 1990. She is Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano, Master Teacher of World Piano Competition and is a faculty member of several international summer music programs. She is an anchor of the local cable TV show "Musical Moments with Tanya".