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Don't Stop the Music!

Yes, it is a common sense. Any skill requires a constant exercise to maintain. Music is no different. Again, we remind you of a saying attributed to the famous pianist and Polish Prime Minister I. Paderewsky : "If I miss one day of practice, I notice it. If I miss two days, the critics notice it. If I miss three days, the audience notices it. Long breaks in learning process always negatively affect the learning progress. If you are not convinced, here is another quote by Nobel Laureate, a psychologist D. Kahneman: "The acquisition of skills requires a regular environment, an adequate opportunity to practice, and rapid and unequivocal feedback about the correctness of thoughts and actions". To help our students maintain and improve their skills we stay open during the summer for private lessons. Summer scheduling provides a lot of flexibility - just let us know what weeks you are around to take lessons. To do so, please fill out our Online Summer Registration form . Summer semester offers another great experience - students have an opportunity to work with different instructors. After every summer many of the students who attended the summer programs, tell us what a wonderful experience it has been. Summer is also a great time to expand one's music experience - try a new instrument, learn how to compose and improvise or how to sing. Please check out programs and workshops below. SMA reserves the right to cancel a workshop due to insufficient enrollment. There is 10% discount for the students, who take multiple group courses during the summer semester.

Majority of the group activities will be outside and all CDC guidelines will be followed.

Summer of 2022

Let’s Master Scales!

Goal: Learn to play and recognize all-white-keys scales.
Activities: Learning scales is an essential step in becoming a better musician. We will go through some of the most basic scales, with plenty of examples to help you understand how they are formed. After taking this course, you will have a great foundation on which you can begin your journey towards mastering the piano. And who will be the first to find a scale in pieces by famous composers?
Benefits: Students will master all-white-keys scales and get the skill to learn new pieces faster and easier.
Format: 1 hour in-person.
Dates: July 6th,  @5:30 pm.
Instructor: Dr. Cho
Tuition: $50. Space is limited to 5 students.
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Audition Workshop for Singers

Goal: Walk into your next musical theater audition with confidence!
Activities: Walk into your next musical theater audition with confidence! Learn or refresh tried and true techniques every singer needs for a successful audition. Learning to audition is a skill that takes practice. Participants will prepare one or more audition cuts and present them in a masterclass/mock audition setting. This class consists of both group activities and individually tailored instruction from Nicole, including warm-up techniques, movement, character development, how to prepare for call-backs, and more!
Benefits: This program will put beginner and experienced singers ahead of the game. Fall auditions are around the corner so let's brush up on those performance skills.
Format: 3x1 hour each day,  hybrid
Dates: August 16-19 @5:00 pm.
Instructor: Nicole Ferretti
Tuition: $155 per session. Space is limited to 5 students.
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Piano Sight-Reading Workshop

Goal: To improve pattern recognition and rhythmic skills in reading and learning piano music.
Activities: This workshop aims to help students identify melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic elements in piano music and facilitate reading skills. We will cover some basic concepts in piano theory and look at various examples of the piano music of different styles to learn how to identify common patterns in the right and left hand. We will also learn how to visually analyze the score quickly and deliver a more successful reading of the music on the page.
Prerequisites: Elementary/Intermediate Level, at least 1-2 years of piano experience preferred
Benefits: With improved sight-reading skills, the students will learn pieces faster and play more confidently.  
Format: 1 hour, in-person and online.
Dates:  Session1: 7/13 @5:00 pm
Instructor: Tanya Schwartzman
Tuition: $55. 
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Jazz Improvisation Class

Goal: To learn basic improvisation techniques and gain experience playing popular jazz repertoire in an ensemble. 
Activities: Open to students of all instruments, voice and skill level, the Jazz Improvisation Class will allow students to explore their creativity through standard jazz songs. Pianists will explore common chord voicings and all instrumentalists will learn different ways to navigate through chord changes with ear training and knowledge of the fundamentals in music. Whether having years of experience playing jazz or just starting out, this course will help build confidence in exploring new music and improvising freely, it will be a fun experience for everyone involved! 
Benefits: The students will learn how to rehearse in a small group setting and prepare new music. They will gain experience in performing and improvising in an ensemble. 
Format: 2 hours , in person. 
Dates:  Session1: August 10 @5:00 pm 
Instructor: Nick Mosca 
Tuition: $95 
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Introduction to Sound Engineering and Music Production

Goal: To gain a general understanding of the basics, elements, and tools of sound engineering and music production. 
Activities:  The students will watch a real music production session. The instructor will explain every step of the process and techniques, and will discuss available available tools. 
Benefits: By understanding the principles and knowing what tools to use, the student will be ready to experiment at home independently. 
Format: 2 hours, Zoom 
Dates:  Session1: July 20th @5:00 pm
Instructor: Victor Kray
Tuition: $75. 
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Bhajan class

Goal: To learn about elements and basic techniques of Carnatic singing. 
Activities: Students will learn easy bhajans (songs) . No prior experience is needed. Students will explore popular bhajans from both Carnatic and Hindustani music, and learn the difference between these two distinct styles. Whether you have no knowledge of Indian music or have been taking lessons for years, this program is great for anyone!
Benefits: Introduce students to rich culture of Indian music
Format: 3x1 hour lessons, in-person
Dates:  Session1: July 26-28, @6:00 pm
Instructor: Kavita Shankar
Tuition: $135. 
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Introduction to Singing Lessons

Goal: Singers will be introduced to basic singing techniques and learn what to expect from private voice lessons.
Activities: In addition to preparing a song as a group, participants will receive instruction in the following singing techniques: how to warm up the voice, ideal posture for singing, breath management, how to recognize and adjust common vocal issues, popular voice tips and tricks and much more!
Benefits: This workshop is ideal for both beginners and experienced singers looking to brush up on the basics. 
Format: 4x1 hour lessons , Zoom. 
Dates:  Session1: August 16-19, @6:15 pm 
Instructor: Nicole Ferretti
Tuition: $155. 
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Please contact us for more information about our summer music programs .

Music Takes You All over the World

Sharon Music Academy is not just our students’ gateway to music but it is also their gateway to the world and its culture. Through our affiliation with an extensive network of international music camps in Europe and the US, we provide a unique opportunity to learn from the best musicians in the world. By attending these camps our students get a chance to make new friends, advance their music education, learn about new cultures, and see the world.

If you prefer to combine music education and tourism this year then join our students in Crescendo Festival Student Exchange Program.