About Us


Sharon Music Academy has been teaching children and adults how to love, understand and enjoy music since 1990. We don’t just teach you how to play a song; we teach you how to master an instrument. We have a track record of providing high quality music education for all ages and levels. Our students have won many local, national and international music competitions. Many of them have been awarded Official Citations by the Massachusetts State Senate for their achievements and community work. Our students play in prestigious youth orchestras, are featured in local and national newspapers and magazines, and have their performances broadcast by local TV stations.
Despite our students’ many accomplishments, we consider our greatest achievement to be the love and appreciation of music as well as the confidence that comes with playing a musical instrument that we instill in our students. A testament to this fact is the large number of students who start at Sharon Music Academy as young children, keep studying with us through high school, and continue playing through college and the rest of their lives.

We offer a wide range of music experiences for our students: from performing at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall to playing at community parks, entertaining local seniors, playing ensembles, visiting piano and violin factories, attending music camps in Europe and competing in various music competitions.

There are many proven developmental benefits of learning music – improved cognitive abilities, memory and coordination and we believe that everyone can learn to enjoy and create music. Please look at our special music programs for preschoolers and adults.
Whether you want to compete in international competitions or just to play at home, our instructors will help you to achieve your goals. And because every person’s learning style and goals are unique, we don’t use a cookie-cutter instruction methodology – we individually tailor our teaching process to each student. Just ask us about our unique music programs for preschoolers and music programs for adults.

Getting Started

If you know which instrument you want to learn or the program you wish to enroll in, you can go directly to online registration page. Beginners may benefit from reading the FAQ for their chosen instrument under “Music Lessons and Programs”.

If you have questions or want to learn more about a specific topic please contact us. We are glad to answer all your questions. You can also browse our library on music education and answers to the Frequently Asked Questions. These pages contain many useful links and references to help you make the right decisions about your or your child’s music education.

We are proud members of the following professional organizations
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