We hold a great number of concerts, shows and events each year and we try to capture our students' and teachers' memorable performances. Our media archive consists of hundreds of audio and video recordings.  While it is impossible to put everything online, you can find a sampling of our recent performances below. You can also see pictures of some of our events on our Facebook page or visit our Youtube video channel for more videos.


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Musical Moments with Tanya

Music Director, Tanya Schwartzman, is the host of the TV show Musical Moments with Tanya on local cable (Channel 8). The show is dedicated to music, music history, composers, famous performers and music education. The show times are: 10:30 am and 8:30 pm on Mondays, and 11:30 am and 8:30 pm on Wednesdays. DVDs of the show are available at the Academy and the episodes are also viewable online:

Episode 1. 200th birthday anniversary of Frederick Chopin. Tanya and Dr. Vivian Chen talk about Chopin, his contribution to music and his influence on the subsequent generations of composers.

Episode 2. Contemporary music. What is it? Tanya and her guest Lisa Leong discuss trends in contemporary music.

Episode 3. New sounds of the old instrument. Tanya and violinist Clayton Mathews talk about violin and violin's role in modern music.

Episode 4. Colors of music. World-renowned painter Misha Lenn talks about the connection between music and fine art.

Episode 5. Healing Power of Music. Ann Ritzinger, MD discusses with Tanya healing power of music.

Episode 6. Learning from Cortot. Tanya discusses teaching piano with Thuyen Phiet, the pupil of the famous pianist Alfred Cortot and the author of a piano method.

Episode 7. Russian-American Music Ties. Tanya interviews Dr. Ludmila Liebman about Russian-American Music Ties and the Music of the Holocaust.

Episode 8. Does Music Make Sense? Students of the Sharon Music Academy try to answer the question: "Does music make sense?"

Episode 9. What does it mean to be a musician? Interview with the famous pianist Max Levinson.

Episode 10. Learning music as an adult. Adult students of the Sharon Music Academy discuss why they learn music.

Episode 15. Meet Russian Composers and Their Music. Interview with Anton Tanonov - a chair of the composition department of the famous St. Petersburg Conservatory, Russia.

Episode 16. Music and Diplomacy. Interview with Ruben Shougarian, former Armenian Ambassador to USA and EU.

Faculty Performances

Every year the faculty of the Sharon Music Academy donates its talent to some charitable cause by giving a concert at fundraising events.

   2010 Faculty Recital to benefit "A-Muse the World Initiative".

You can watch other performances by the faculty of the Sharon Music Academy on SMA YouTube channel.

Please also visit our Facebook page to see the pictures from various events and performances.